Dave Champion Show – August 4, 2009

Federal revenues take steepest decline since 1932!
U.S. Postal Service to post $7 billion loss this year and close hundreds of post offices.
Bill O’Reilly declines to discuss “the facts” of Obama’s constitutional eligibility with WND’s CEO Joseph Farah.
Dave explains why he feels this question of constitutional eligibility is so important.
If Obama is not eligible to be Commander-in-Chief, then our military is under the control of a private citizen!
Obama tells a whopper of a lie to the public.
Farah offers $10,000 to any American who can provide proof that he/she was present at the birth of Obama in Hawaii.
Farah says he will donate $10,000 to the hostipal listed on Obama’s long-form birth certificate.
Investment counselor offers $100,000 to anyone who can prove Obama’s eligibility.
Why do IRS criminal investigators consider Joe Banister “infamous”?
Hugo Chavez using “the law” to silence his opposition on the air waves.


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