Dave Champion Show – December 8, 2007

Noah Webster said that Americans would use their “arms” to resist laws that are unjust or oppressive. Is that really true?
Great comedic emails from a listener!
Listener raises the question of owning weapons beyond “personal arms”. Dave responds.
Listener finds that even foreigners in America don’t care if you carry a firearm.
Dave discusses the Omaha mall shooting.

Author John Carpenter prevents a potentially violent situation.
Ron Paul winning every poll, except if you pay attention to the dominant media!
Internet poll reflects that 98% of Americans believe in an individual right to bear arms.
Why do people feel compelled to say they are “suffering” after killing a violent felon?
A tale of two nontaxpayers!
Is the IRS killing Americans?
Student group wants private guns on campus! Hear the opposition lie in an effort to stop it!
China can now shoot down satellites and can penetrate our Carrier Groups with their submarines. What does that mean for the U.S.?

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