Dave Champion Show – July 16, 2009

Some good adages from Clint Smith, Founder of Thunder Ranch.
Dave reevaluates his thinking on why the U.S. military went to Iraq.
U.S. Congressman Tom Feeney says that the power to levy under tax code section 6331 doesn’t apply to private firms.
Dave explains why 6331 cannot operate in the private sector.
Obama has Major Cook fired from his civilian job!!!
Obama attempts to intimidate other soldiers from challenging his constitutional eligibility to be President, and thus Commander-In-Chief.
Obama attempts to cut funds to attorney Orly Taitz so she cannot continue to challenge his constitutional eligibility to be President.
Dave writes a cogent/rational message to a liberal concerning the Obama “eligibility” question. The liberal responds by name calling and wishing ill to Cook.
Dave responds to a 1st time listener who wants to know how to become a nontaxpayer without fear!


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