Dave Champion Show – January 28, 2010

What did Cicero say about government bureaucrats?
Michael Badnarik is well on the mend!
Dave encourages you to continue to promote the Dave Champion & Bill Carnes video on legislatively reduced magazines.
Oath Keepers – a vigorous organization!
A listener suggests the “Molon Labe March” at which everyone must carry a firearms. Dave agrees!
British scientist who manipulated global warming data is found by British government to have violated the law!
What does the British FOIA law provide that the U.S. FOIA doesn’t?
Dave suggest a constitutional amendment to ban corporations (foreign and domestic) from financial involvement in elections.
What is it that defines a Conservative?  Dave gives you his view.


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2 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – January 28, 2010”

  1. Goblinator says:

    I forgot to point out that if fiat currencies were destroyed couldn’t that be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

  2. Goblinator says:

    I have to disagree with you Dave about your comments about Tony Blaire. I believe that he was telling the absolute truth from his point of view, which was if Sadam Husain was allowed to continue with his intention to only take gold or specie backed currency for oil, it would negatively effect the whole fiat currency using world. This would have been devastating for all that do not use solid currency and if he had been able to get away that then all other OPEC member countries wouldn’t have taken the dollar for oil.