Dave Champion Show – February 3, 2010

What shall we make of the IRS purchasing more 12 gauge shotguns?
Dave uses Selective Service registration (which Americans are not required to participate in) to make the point that law is contextual.
An armed American populace: What is the choice open to cops?
Satan’s conversation with Ted Kennedy.
If we look at the Dutch we can glimpse the insanity of enacting “hate speech” legislation.
James Wilson’s early drafts of the U.S. Constitution discovered!
What did Revolution-era economist Adam Smith say about the non-productive nature of government?
When Ebony Magazine has Dave on the cover…
What might happen to CBS News’ falling revenues if there was Dave Champion news show on that network?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – February 3, 2010”

  1. Goblinator says:

    Even better point on a constitutional point concerning selective service. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution for the united states of America states that there shall be no form of involuntary servitude except through the due process of law. To say that a law can be passed that makes it mandatory to enlist without a trial for each individual would be thrown out in a heartbeat, unless they passed a Constitutional Amendment that allowed for a draft.

    If they did pass such an amendment then the rich people wouldn’t have a loophole to keep their children out of the military when the draft machine eventually gets cranked up.

    The reason that I say this is because the only penalty to my knowledge for not signing up for the selective service is the inability in the future to receive government funds if you didn’t serve in the military or sign up for the selective service. People with money obviously dont need money from the government for collage ect., so they would be able to stay out of anything that clothed itself as a draft.