Dave Champion Show – February 11, 2010

Only the strong can forgive. That is why the Left always hates.
Those who believe in the Right To Keep and Bear Arms should boycott Starbucks.
Never give your personal firearms information to the Census Bureau!
Dave shows you exactly how the Left pursues “personal attacks” against those it cannot trump on the merits.
Dave discusses whether it is acceptable for Iran to possess nuclear weapons.
What might be the cost to the U.S. if Iran is permitted to possess nuclear weapons?
If it is not acceptable for Iran to possess nuclear weapons, what must be done?
Federal government asking a federal court to sanction warrantless tracking of your cell phone’s location.


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2 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – February 11, 2010”

  1. i18rabbit says:

    i wanted to add that i am not “anti-Jew”, and i think that all who complain about others have only themselves to blame for these 2 reasons:

    1. nobody seems to recognize that ALL GROUPS OF MEN are inherently evil, be it corporations, or govt, or any other group. why? because groups of men over-power the individual, with whom sovereignty rests. it is said “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, thus, all GROUPS are corrupt, and all GROUPS, if any are allowed to exist because they are a necessary evil, MUST BE STRICTLY under the control, and in service to, the sovereigns, the people … and completely deprived of political power.

    2. people complain about others because they have lost their independence due to their complete lack of self-sufficiency, and are thus dependents upon those whom they complain about. parents have children, then toss them into the hands of the state to raise and educate, whereby they are trained to be dependents upon the organs of the state. if parents raised only the children that they could provide land and a future for, teaching self-sufficiency as the #1 priority in life, there would be little justifications to point fingers at anyone.

  2. i18rabbit says:

    i can’t list each dispute i have with your thinking about Iran because it would take many pages. but i want to comment that you are very one-sided, and without any good foundation in fact. you are very pro-Israel, and anti-Iran – but your reasons don’t hold water. Israel and many “Jews” have done far more damage to our country and people than Iran could in 1000 years.

    Iran has never been an agressor nation, Iran does not murder and kill innocent people every day, Iran is a pluralistic society where differing peoples live in peace together, Iran allows Jews to live in peace in its country, Iran doesn’t give one class of citizens markings and greater priviledges than other class, Iran has not attacked our ships and military, Iran doesn’t control our money system, Iran doesn’t decide which of our politicians get into office, Iran has no monstrous lobby in DC, Iran doesn’t fill our TV/movies with mind-control garbage, Iran wasn’t part of 911, Iran never made threats against other nations, Iran doesn’t tap and record all our phone calls, Iran doesn’t set up and record our politicians with child-sex for bribery, etc, etc.

    but Israel/”Jews” do/violate all these things … so just what is it again that you are not understanding? just what exactly makes you fear Iran? and why is it that you do not have fears based upon the actions of Israel/”Jews”? i put “Jews” in quotes because it is a generalization, but sometimes that is the only way to talk coherently. some may say Zionists or whatever – just another way our language has been corrupted. whatever you call them, we all know what we are talking about.