Dave Champion Show – March 5, 2010

Dave is joined by Bill Carns for “casual Friday”!
Did slavery in America breach the “unalienable rights” covenant between America and the Creator?
What should you do if you find yourself in an “unreasonable” detention by police?
What might you want to do after finding yourself in an “unreasonable” detention by police?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – March 5, 2010”

  1. contrarianaz says:

    I think from my reading of American history that slavery was first attempted on American Indians called Savages. Indians didn’t make very good slaves. At the first opportunity, Indians would turn on their slaveholders and kill them. Blacks or Negroes were found to be more docile and submissive and “subjectable”. There is confusion between the mindset of treating Blacks as “subhuman”. I believe that is a misperception. They were regarded as inferior culturally because they had no heritage of self-government. Our development of self-government goes back to the Greeks and back even further to Moses and the Ten Commandment and the Tribe of Israel and the Old Testament. Moreover, it was the religious interpretation that Negroes were/are of the lineage of Cain and carried the curse or mark that the Lord placed on Cain — a black skin. Cain and his lineage was given a land of his own, the Dark Continent, the whole continent of Africa. Another religious component is the belief that Negroes were given the lineage of Cain from the War in Heaven as those of “the less valiant”. It was/is up to the States to adopt the Blacks into the Sovereignty, not the Federal government. The Fourteenth Amendment “short circuited” that process. The “Civil Rights” the Negroes were granted are statutory privileges that can be conferred, enhanced, altered, modified, reduced, or abolished outright at the capricious whim of Congress. Contstitutionally, Blacks and other racial groups that have been absorbed into the 14th amendment DO NOT have direct access to the Bill or Rights, only indirect or greatly diminished rights that are NOT UNalienable rights. Such diminished rights are mere statutory rights or privileges called “due process rights” which are “procedural rights” or mere administrative steps that must be followed. Original or Preamble Americans are the other class of Americans who are of the Sovereignty, of the Posterity, mentioned in Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights. You and Bill mentioned only that Blacks were considered racially inferior as a matter of evolutionary inferiority. I think that came later — post-Civil War — derived from Darwinism.