Dave Champion Show – March 11, 2010

Dave encourages you to make one final BIG PUSH to kill Obamacare for good.
Does Dave instill hate, or merely share information?
Sec Def Robert Gates makes a low-profile trip to Saudi Arabia. Does this signal impending military action against Iran?
How “jurisdiction” operates in federal civil actions to enjoin “promoting abusive tax shelters”. And how criminal judges break the law!
If it’s OK to violate one man’s inalienable rights through “price controls”, what stops the government from doing it to you?
The insanity of federal “employment verification cards”.


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2 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – March 11, 2010”

  1. rooster6668 says:

    Dave made a statement about Joe Stack and his actions with the resultant death of an I.R.S. empoyee. Dave sympatithized with joe stack ‘s rational for his actions. I will summerize and if I’m wrong sorry, if I miss interpretreted; Basicaly it is if a a fellow slave desires to keep one a slave they are deserving of whatever harm befalls them when a slave tries to free themselves. In this same context do not all police, sherrifs, cops fit this discription. How does this shift your opinion of law enforcment…if a unknowing slave desires to keep you enslaved do they deserve any mercy? I think not……In plane english I agree with you assesment of law enforcement, but does a former law enforcment officer and host have the guts to address this topic.

  2. stckbrkr2002 says:

    With VERY few exceptions, I HATE all cops; city, county, state, federal. I DO NOT trust them. Not because of listening to you, but because of my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

    A SWAT team busted in on my mom and I having lunch. I gave her a video camera. They stole the tape of course. I was kidnapped and held for 12 days in solitary confinement. While locked up, approximately $1,000,000.00 in gold, silver, guns, and other personal possessions were stolen. On the 12th day, they opened the door and told me to leave. No processing, no nothing. NO CHARGES!!!