Dave Champion Show – March 19, 2010

U.S. Appeals Court rules against the Federal Reserve Board! Soon we will see who received $2 trillion in bail out money!
U.S. Census office refuses to respond to questions about whether or not Americans are required to answer specific questions on census form.
Pelosi reveals yet another attempt to add a new tax on the backs of Americans to pay for Obamacare!
California legislator seeks to kill burgeoning “open carry” movement through legislation to criminalize your constitutional right.
If anti-gunners are right about pro-gunners committing crimes, why are these children still alive?
Hear what one reverend has to say about “open carry”.
A short list of companies that have no problem with you “open carrying” in their establishments.
A short list of companies you should boycott because they actively stand against your right to “open carry”.
The world’s foremost expert on sea level change says that the seas are NOT rising. Someone should tell Fat Albert!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – March 19, 2010”

  1. i18rabbit says:

    one issue that seems to constantly be left out of discussions regarding corporations is there current status in relation to the public. my understanding is that people created govt, and govt created corporations; in large part due to liability concerns that arose out of large numbers of people being involed in the manufacture of a product, and the inherent inability to hold any one person lawfully responsible for any damages associated with the product. but back to the point: corporations originally were only chartered to serve the public in for a specific purpose, and for a specific length of time. so – my question is: why does everyone talk about corporations as if they are private entities that have any rights whatsoever – especially in regards to the deprivation of the rights of people?

    i think it is more proper for corporations to be servants of the people, created only out of a strict and well-defined necessity, for a specific purpose, and they should only have the “rights” (privileges) needed to serve their function. they should not have more political or other powers greater than any man.
    it’s unbelievable to me that a public corporation has the power to deny a man of his rights. since when is the property of a public corporation private property?