Dave Champion Show – March 24, 2010

Latest immigration poll from Arizona (humor).
A listener asks if “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” will be available as an audio book? Dave responds.
In the “afterglow” of Obamacare passing, the Left is once again feeling free to speak plainly about who they are and what they want to do to you.
What shall those who demand their unalienable rights not be abridged do when the Left feel they have the power to violate your unalienable rights whenever it suits them?
The Left’s blatant bribery of elected officials.
What is “pepper spray”; how does it work; and how is India making pepper spray grenades?
Leftist Congressman John Dingle admits that Obamacare will “control the people.”
Once Americans actually see the Obamacare bill, Dave is betting it doesn’t even apply to citizens of the states of the Union!
What is the “con job” that operates in laws such FICA and the Federal Firearms Act (and many other federal laws)?


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