Dave Champion Show – April 30, 2010

Dave tells you one way a student can get around the gun “zero tolerance” policy of schools.
Why would America need a Civilian National Security Force when we are the Militia?
What is the true agenda behind a proposed Civilian National Security Force?
Feds paid twice what you are. And four times what they’re worth!
Dave responds to a listener question about the U.S. Supreme Court reversing its own earlier decisions.
A listener asks Dave how to educate his “ignorant brethren” in the bookkeeping trade.
What is the limited imposition of FICA? Hint: It doesn’t apply to most Americans!
Democrats in DC put forth a worthless and warped immigration reform bill. Dave takes you through it.
Some GOP politicians saying they have “reservations” about AZ’s law solely not to irritate Hispanic voters.


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