Dave Champion Show – May 11, 2010

Champion Molon Labe 1911 is not available to people living in the “slave state” (California).
Work on the audio book version of Income Tax: Shattering The Myths is about to begin.
New scientific discovery completely destroys the “Theory of Evolution”. Bet you haven’t heard a word about it!
Lindsey Springer sentenced to 15 years in prison for income tax crimes, though he admits he has no objection to the income tax!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – May 11, 2010”

  1. Always enjoy hearing your show Dave. I thought that your evolution commentary was interesting an in keeping with my comment. One of the leading CREATIONISTS (Dr. Kent Hovind) was railroaded to prison for (guess) a TAX-RELATED issue. His amazing website (& Museum) can be looked into at: DrDino.com
    I read about the horror of his railroading on Lindsey Springer’s website (now dormant). As a note, I believe that Linsey’s primary argument was that the OMB control number on a 1040 was not in keeping (even remotely) with the law & Springer’s argument ultimately shows collusion (conspiracy) between the Secretary of the Treasury & the OMB regulators. Regarding his sentence — I have a feeling that it was simply another example of prosecution’s abuse. His finances were all contributions from what I understand –so in the IRS’s own regulations — it is the GIVER of a gift who bears any liabilities (if any are to be borne). So .. what “INCOME” Springer was supposed to file about remains a completely elusive concept.