Dave Champion Show – May 14, 2010

How operative is “timidity” in our national problems?
California’s legislature has voted to boycott AZ. Turn around is fair play, yes? Don’t buy anything from any CA firm!
Fat Albert receives another laurel for being a world class lair.
Kagan is either one of two things; both disqualify her from a seat on the Supreme Court. Dave explains.
With Tea Party speeches already being characterized by the Left as “seditious”, who might be the victims of Kagan’s planned attack on free speech?
Senate GOP members have the votes to stop Kagan nomination from coming to a vote. But will they do it?
A listener was a civilian on a Sheriff’s Advisory Committee. His suggestions for increasing accountability were “aggressively attacked”.
Congressional GOP members introduce bill to bar U.S. dollars from being used by the IMF to bail out any European country!


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