Dave Champion Show – May 20, 2010

Ted Nugent’s great line!
L.A. Mayor (and Mecha member) has no effective rebuttal to AZ’s “electricity” letter.
Why are there no gun stores left in the City of Los Angeles and what does that tell us?
A listener asks if the “interstate commerce clause” involved in the AZ/CA/LA dispute?
Families torn apart due to immigration laws? Who’s responsible?
Who knows how to get THE BOOK in front of GLENN BECK?
U.S. government insanely claims in court docs that a tax “form” and “return” are not the same thing! What a “form” that says it is a “return”?
NH does away with ALL of its knife laws. Will knife crimes suddenly start occurring all over NH?
More typical Middle East blather out of Iran.
Is it possible for European Socialist nations to drastically cut back spending and control debt?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – May 20, 2010”

  1. Wolfman says:

    Hundreds of “armed” citizens at Front Sight and NO chimp-out?………
    How’s that possible?
    As was stated in your opening remarks via Teddy “backstrap” Nugent………. “Defective Guns”!