Dave Champion Show – July 9, 2010

Will the “dinosaur media” go under rather than accept that their content stinks?
New Pentagon restriction on the media. Dave tells you the real reason for the clamp down.
3rd Federal Circuit Court sets up Obama eligibility question for a class action suit. Dave explains.
Candidate to U.S. Senate refuses proof of citizenship citing that Obama wasn’t required to do so.
A listener asks what “failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted” means.
An email about Dave’s guest appearance on The Power Hour.
Dick Simkanin files insane “Patriot argument” with the court while on parole and gets another 7 years in prison.
New discovery: Jefferson use “subjects” before “citizens”. Dave explains the significance.
Federal judge strikes down federal gay marriage bill – and upholds state’s rights in the process!
Federal employees being tried in federal court for state crimes. This has to end!


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