Dave Champion Show – July 16, 2010

Apple responds to its iPhone 4 critics in a press conference.
Mark Twain’s simple rule.
Father of murdered West Point graduate is one cool cat. He will be a daunting adversary of the officers who shot his son.
Bill Scott (father of Erik Scott) covers the same issues in his interview as did Dave and Bill earlier in the week.
Dave’s interview on WXTL for “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”. Dave spanks the opponents of truth.
What is the outcome of the government’s actions against Goldman Sachs?
Another former government lawyer confirms allegations against U.S. DOJ in the Black Panther case.
Will Senator Sessions fillibuster Kagan or is he merely cutting deals?
Dave responds to a listener’s question concerning census law.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – July 16, 2010”

  1. houguy says:

    What happened to Erik Scott is absolutely outrageous! An even more egregious murder-by-cops happened to Jerry Kane and his son, Joe Kane in West Memphis, Arkansas. Donna Kane, wife and stepmother of the victims, appeared on Ralph Winterrowd’s RBN show this last Sunday and described the blatant, criminal execution of two innocent people. Equally outrageous and blatantly transparent are the pathetic attempts of the West Memphis authorities to cover up this crime. Ralph’s show is well worth a listen. Donna Kane’s website, http://www.justiceforjerryandjoekane.com, features photos and audio and video files that put the lie to the authorities’ cover ups.