Dave Champion Show – August 5, 2010

A sad day for America. A horrible decision we will live with for decades.
Dave will offer “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” at a discount to those attending the handgun course in Oct!
Why does Dave sponsor courses for you out at Front Sight? What is the underlying motivation?
Are you really ready – or are you lying to yourself?
The terrible tale of one police officer.
When might you need the skills to defend your life? Here’s one example.
When wanting to “appear smart” and damaging Americans’ unalienable rights collide.
Do we really need these people in our communities?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – August 5, 2010”

  1. GoNuclear says:

    I did this one just for fun, hope you all enjoy.


    Talk To The Liberals
    (parody of Talk With The Animals)

    If we could talk to the liberals, just imagine it,
    Chatting to a chump in Clintoneze.
    We could talk about a health plan, implement a gun ban,
    Jack up all those governmental fees!

    If we could talk to the liberals, learn their languages,
    Maybe get a bleeding heart degree.
    We’d stop being so exclusive, we’d be all inclusive,
    All our thoughts would come out so PC.

    We’d be deploring the plight of welfare-ites
    Cursing those with a different point of view.
    If folks inquisit, “How will you pay for it?”
    We’d say “We Can’t, but we’ll make you!”

    If we could talk to the liberals, learn their languages,
    All those brand new tax bills we’d discuss.
    If we could walk with the liberals, talk with the liberals,
    Feed from the public trough with the liberals,
    They’d still find ways to take a (bleep) all over us!