The Dave Champion Show Podcast Feed

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Podcast Instructions - for non-iTunes users

Copy and paste the following feed into the podcast software of your choice!
Download Juice software.

Setup the software to check for new podcasts. Open the Juice software and click the "Status" tab. Copy the Dave Champion Show feed located above, in red text. Then, paste the feed into the "Add feed manually" window, then click "Add."

Check the feed. Select "The Dave Champion Show Podcast" and then click the "Check selected feed" button. The software should download the latest feed straight to your computer. (Note: We recommend you use iTunes to listen. Get iTunes here. Using iTunes will allow the podcast to be added to your system and begin listening automatically).

Set it up to automatically download the new shows. Click the scheduler tab. Check the box "check for new podcasts automatically." Set the time you would like the computer to check for new podcasts.