Dave Champion Show – November 16, 2010

Thomas Paine on how government acquires power.
Dave discusses the interesting progression of rebellion against TSA and its procedures.
What will it take to get TSA to back off? Dave tells you.
An example of how of “haters” must reject what they’ve seen in their own lives in order to rationalize their beliefs.
Dave discusses the interesting and disturbing shifts taking place in Afghanistan.
Top UK general says radical Islam cannot be defeated.
A listener asks Dave to discuss “Texas v. White” and how it might affect the modern view of secession.
A listener shares his thoughts about Dave’s Veteran’s Day remarks.
Some Americans just don’t get it. Man says truck dealership giving away guns is “dangerous.”
American Thinker: 10 reasons not to get excited about the November 2nd victory.
Why exactly does the Left wish to influence young boys and girls in America? It is for insidious and evil reasons.


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