Dave Champion Show – November 17, 2010

What did Thomas Paine say about which time he’d prefer there to be “trouble”, and why?
Dave shares a different understanding of the AK47 and the 1911.
A veteran shares his thoughts about Dave’s Veteran Day remarks.
A listener used Dave’s income tax research to beat back a claim for taxes.
California one step closer to going down the financial tubes.
Def Sec Robert Gates seems to be indicating that Iran with nuclear weapons is a fait accompli.
Senate GOP leaders reluctantly jumping on at least a part of the conservative band-wagon.
A new Democratic Party role for America’s traitor extraordinaire, Chuck Schumer.
A private letter from an airline pilot about TSA procedures. He agrees with Dave!
What does the about-to be-released Pentagon report say about allowing gays in the military?
Which demographic group owes the most in back taxes? You’ll likely be surprised.
Dave predicts the decline of the Tea Party.


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