Dave Champion Show – November 18, 2010

What did Ben Franklin believe was one of the attributes of history in schools?
Dave tells you were to get a plate carrier, including F&R plates that will defeat a 7.62×51 rifle round, for under $400!
Fed govt wants to build a device into cars that will end your ability to use your cell phone will driving.
Dave discusses how ridiculous – and malicious – the Left’s illogic is for controlling your cell phone use.
Why did the TSA agent STOP patting down John Tyner when threatened with arrest. Dave tells you!
How come government “finance ministers” can’t see what is so crystal clear to me and you?
Given a choice, are people choosing freedom or socialism? Dave gives you the numbers to judge for yourself.
Even Dave Champion – the eternal optimist – can doubt his fellow Americans at times.
Roger Ailes (Fox CEO) asks; if one criticizes both the Left and the Right, where will one’s audience come from? Dave answers.
Ron Paul is about to become a major thorn in Ben Bernanke’s side!
Who is spying on who?
Man gets pulled off airplane because he has a tattoo. (I can’t even make this stuff up!)


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