Dave Champion Show – November 22, 2010

What did Sigmund Freud say that fear of weapons says about a person?
Why all Leftists must claim to fear guns, even if they don’t.
Where does the government believe its power to shut down internet websites comes from? Dave explains.
Christian Pastor won’t address statements Dave made in his last “Champion Uncorked” about the Bible. Go figure.
States now taking the lead in “solving” the Obama eligibility issue!
A Republican who claims TSA is “just doing its job.” Dave responds.
A prime example of Leftists lying to your face – and why we must use critical analysis.
Looks like British govt weapons inspector was murdered for going public that UK govt was lying about WMDs in Iraq.
How do we stop the voting pendulum from continuing to swing back and forth endlessly.
Dept of Homeland Security spokesman claims DHS has “administrative authority” to violate the 4th Amendment at airports.
Dave points out why the DHS spokesman is LYING to you.
Government claims 1 out of 5 people are mentally ill. Dave’s remarks!
A perfect example of what turns people off about the “the Right”.


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