Dave Champion Show – November 23, 2010

Dave discusses an interesting quote from Thomas Jefferson. Was Jefferson “tolerant” as the Left uses that word?
Rupert Murdock is a hater of liberty, but he does keep his word.
How the FBI subtly places a chill on freedom of speech.
Geithner issues an absurd “warning” to Republicans about the Federal Reserve.
If Ireland is losing its sovereignty, who is getting it? Dave remarks.
Dave admits to getting a little sensitive on this issue.
Listeners love the 2-hour version of the Dave Champion Show!
Since China can tank the U.S. economy any time it wants, what is it doing right now, and why?
What is the legal mechanism the government is relying upon to violate your rights at the airports?
If you think things are bad at the airports now, wait until this next occurrence happens!
Dave asks you: Who are these people who claim to be doing this to us for our own good? What is their track record?
Al-Qaeda admits that what is happening to us at the airports is part of their plan to “bring down America”!


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