Dave Champion Show – November 26, 2010

What Franklin Roosevelt tells us about Socialism.
What does George Washington’s Thanksgiving Day declaration tell us about God and government in the U.S.?
Who are these “elitist” who believe they know what is best for us?
What happens when these elitists get their way? Do we have examples of this right now?
Dave says there is a new form of slavery; a new “21st century slavery” that is being foisted upon the unsuspecting.
Is the Left attempting to impose this “21st century slavery” upon Americans?
What can YOU do to stop the Left from imposing this new modern model of slavery?
Ron Paul agrees with Dave about the TSA and what must happen to cause the government to step back.
Govt officials don’t have to go through the airport security. They’re trustworthy Americans. You’re not!
If you don’t stand up now, where will you be sexually assaulted by government next? Dave tells you!


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