Dave Champion Show – November 29, 2010

Do Americans “esteem too lightly” their liberty? Has it been obtained “too cheaply”?
Is this really what we want law enforcement to be doing?
U.S. government seizes 75 domains without pre-seizure judicial review or any other “checks and balances”.
Ireland now complaining because irresponsible choices have lead to high interest rate on the EU/IMF loan.
Top climate scientist switches sides and says higher carbon dioxide levels do not create global warming!
44% of Americans now feel the federal government is acting outside its Constitutional authority.
What should the U.S. do if it doesn’t want to be embarrassed by Wikileak docs in the future? Dave tells you.
A listener asks when Dave will make the content of “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” available in video.
A reader of “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” says it accomplished what he thought only NSA’s computers could!
A nontaxpayer’s success message.
TSA agent admits that you give up rights when buying an airline ticket!
Did you know Americans are being subjected to naked body scanners and TSA sexual abuse AFTER their flight?


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2 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – November 29, 2010”

  1. admin says:

    I do that as well. That was not at Front Sight, but at another training location. It was years ago and I can’t remember why the BUIS were down.

  2. Wolfman says:


    Was listening to your archived show (11/29/10). Specifically you were talking about the Fronsight experience and referenced a (rifle/carbine?) scenario where your optic sight goes “down” and takes you out of the fight until you can: qick-disconnect the optic mount, place the “downed” optic in your dump pouch, engage your BUIS and rejoin the fight.

    We run our BUIS “UP” all the time, optic or no. You can set your optic/BUIS to co-witness or sub-witness (depending on optic/BUIS combo). The advantage of this set up is if the optic sight should go down, the only thing you should be swaping-out is a dry mag for bulk and continuing the fight.