Dave Champion Show – November 30, 2010

What is “moral autonomy” mentioned by Immanuel Kant and why is it important for Americans.
Dave talks about how he just lost a friend over his remarks about the unconstitutional conduct of TSA workers.
TSA workers now admit that naked body scanners and invasive pat-down are a violation of your rights!
TSA workers state that Americans are no safer now under the new unconstitutional policy than they were before.
TSA workers who admit that the new invasive procedures are violating your rights are still doing it for a paycheck.
If federal workers will engage in conduct they know is violative of your rights, what will they do if ordered to seize guns?
A listener writes about how nice it was to hear the proper meaning of “separation of church and state.”
Judge Andrew Napolitano comes out of the closet and admits that he does not believe the govt’s version of 9/11.
Reporter who asks hard questions about global warming is barred by UN from UN’s global warming conference.
Two Iranian nuclear scientists attacked with explosives.
Is the U.S. in store for what is happening to Ireland?


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – November 30, 2010”

  1. redthumb says:

    “When the secrets of the state outweigh the access to the truth of the states affairs, liberty becomes a fiction.”–redthumb

    “The degree of despotism in a nation can easily be derived from the following formula: add the zeal with which the state pursues information concerning the private affairs of its citizens, together with the eager willingness of the state to to avoid transparency of its affairs.”–redthumb