Dave Champion Show – December 1, 2010

What did George Washington say was the best way to preserve peace?
In light of Washington’s statement, what might be the best way to preserve liberty?
U2′s Bono (aka, Bonehead) once again shows what a hypocrite he is.
More way over-the-top lies from the global warming crowd, intended to scare the public.
As of Dec 15th you’ll be able to travel with your firearm on Amtrak.
The Pentagon’s own study of gays in the military says exactly what Dave has been telling you all along.
Order “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” NOW for Christmas gifts!
A wonderful, open, and revealing letter from a listener.
One listener stands up to being asked to forfeit his rights!
What a federal judge’s temporary restraining order tells us about CAIR.
Dave was right. You do AGREE to give up certain rights when you buy an airline ticket!
Can you “agree” to what has never been shown to you?


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