Dave Champion Show – December 2, 2010

Jeff Cooper said “law” is not the answer, but rather “wrath”. Does that apply to maintaining our liberty as well?
Dave discusses various “hot topics” from Wikileaks document dump.
Did you know Assange asked the U.S. State Dept to assist with redacting docs and State refused?
Swedish prosecutor must be “bought and paid for” by the U.S.
TSA agent gets exactly what he deserves for having his hands in a man’s pants!
Yet another example of the illogic of gay-haters.
Dave and Muslims are in 100% agreement on naked body scanners!
Peer review shows naked body scanners won’t always detect explosives.
What shall we think of a man who “pays the bills” by violating the rights of his fellow Americans?
Truth-seekers since 1976 says “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” is the best and easiest to understand.
Ron Paul and Dave agree: Don’t you dare raise the debt ceiling!
NJ man jailed for 7 years for guns he owned legally. What you can do to help!!!


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