Dave Champion Show – December 3, 2010

What did the 1775 “Declaration on the causes and necessity of their taking up arms” say?
What differentiates today’s Americans from those in 1776?
A listener asks if armed revolution is even possible against an entity as powerful as the U.S. government.
Dave discusses what the initial actions of an armed revolution in America might be.
“Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” is being read and passed around on some U.S. Navy ships!
Ten Russian spies sent home so quickly a few months ago were supporting a hidden mole in NSA.
A listener asks about how to plan for home self-defense with children in the house. Dave shares his thoughts.
What can the prosecutor do about a gay man who ejaculated when TSA agent was fondling his genitals?
Dave debunks some myths about gays in the military.
Evidence supports Dave’s statements that Swedish prosecutor is playing political games concerning Assange
Dave loses a measure of respect for Glenn Beck after Beck makes asinine statements about Wikileaks.


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