Dave Champion Show – December 6, 2010

What promise was made to the American people prior to the creation of the federal government?
Only a thoroughly corrupt U.S. Supreme Court made this act possible by our federal government.
Ron Paul and Jim Cramer on running the federal government “printing press” non-stop.
What happened to the National Debt Reduction Commission’s report?
When a Democrat Senator recently said “It’s all rigged”, what did he mean? Dave tells you.
Dave makes a prediction concerning Tea Party candidates who will take office in January.
The list of names of GOP senators who want to take away your right to choose your own food.
An interesting letter from a SWAT Sgt. who attended Front Sight.
Camden NJ has an opportunity but Leftist leaders don’t want black Americans to be able to defend themselves.
The odd political idiosyncrasies of Twitter.
Reporter placed on TSA “watch list” after filing a story critical of TSA.
TSA acting just like pedophiles.
Report says federal agents STILL spying on Americans outside the boundaries of the law.
Hear one of the fantasy stories made up by those who still delude themselves into thinking Iraq had WMDs.
Can you find a Wikileaks release that threatens U.S. national security?
A listener asks Dave’s thoughts on the “Repeal Amendment”.
FCC hiding proposed internet regulations from the American public. More Obama “openness”!


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