Dave Champion Show – December 10, 2010

What universal truth did Leo Tolstoy tell us? How is it relevant to us today?
Major League Baseball star says Obama not born in the U.S.
Do Americans have more or less privacy than in the 1950s? Why?
Active duty soldiers agree with me and the Pentagon report about repealing DADT.
Dave shares a listener’s letter about his view of gays – and HIS rights!
Lindsey Graham wants your constitutional rights stripped from you if you’re suspected of terrorism!
The latest absurdity: Assange is an “enemy combatant”. So says the fascist, Newt the Grinch.
I guess Newt the Grinch conveniently forgets the Pentagon, Congress, and the courts say otherwise.
American fascist, Newt the Grinch, coins a scary new term; information warfare. Dave explains.
Dave corrects the smarmy intentional mischaracterization that Assange isn’t “the press”.


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