Dave Champion Show – December 13, 2010

What is it that is difficult for a man to understand?
Dave gets “blocked” for saying all Americans should have the full measure of liberty.
Dave is accused of being a Leftist because he corrects the allegations against Wikileaks with facts.
Find out why Dave was told he cannot be a true conservative.
A listener’s journey into liberty and true patriotism.
A listener voices his concern that the rights of property owners suffer in a contest of rights.
A U.S. veteran has come to terms with being a mercenary. But he doesn’t like it.
Dave gives Andrew Napolitano’s new book “Lies The Government Told You” a big thumbs up.
Are doctors not telling you the truth about a low sodium diet?
The truth about why nurses carry your infant out of the hospital.
GOP has decided Assange should be indicted but not NYT, even though they did the same thing.
Lieberman, Brown, and Ensign now trying to criminalize the disclosure of any conversation!
They say Assange is evil but won’t say a word about Gen. Petraeus contributing to the murder of U.S. soldiers.


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