Dave Champion Show – December 14, 2010

What did John Adams say about democracy as a form of government?
Top hacker confirms Dave’s conclusion; Private Manning could not have obtained Wikileaks data himself.
Not a single taker on providing an example of a Wikileaks doc that places U.S. soldiers at risk.
Retired General wants incoming GOP congressman to investigate the case of Lt Col. Lakin.
Which do you prefer; scripted remarks or extemporaneous speaking?
Owner of “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths” uses it to help with University course!
A former left-leaning American understands true liberty after listening to the Dave Champion Show.
Proof that “too big to fail” is nonsense.
Should Nazi Pelosi now be held accountable for knowingly promoting unconstitutional legislation?
Is the real agenda behind Obamacare completely unrelated to healthcare?


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