Dave Champion Show – January 3, 2011

Dave believes the next 24 months will require Americans to make hard choices.
What are “no refusal” DUI checkpoints. Does MADD care about your rights?
Dave discusses the flap over Leftist blogger Ezra Klein’s remarks.
Retired military officer says U.S. has abandoned the rule of law.
Right To Keep and Bear Arms warrior & JPFO founder, Aaron Zelman, has died.
A listener asks a follow up question about the use a W-9.
A listener asks a follow up question about giving out a Social Security Number, or not.
Chuck Baldwin’s great article “Enemy Within The Gates”.
Ohio Supreme Court say cities & counties not free to enact oppressive gun laws.
Delaware judge says technological advancement does not permit breaching rights!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – January 3, 2011”

  1. redthumb says:

    “Those who fail to question authority will eventually find their authority to question denied.”–redthumb