Dave Champion Show – January 4, 2011

What did Thomas Jefferson say about “honesty” and “wisdom”?
Welcome to our national Tax Terrorism Season, courtesy of the United States government!
One of the last letters from Dick Simkanin before his death. What can we learn from him?
Quatloos founder, Chris Riser, under investigation for fraud. His partners is the infamous Jay Adkisson.
An attorney calls Chris Riser and Jay Adkisson (of Quatloos) “thieves and con men.”
Dave rebuts some remarks made about the failed and dangerous Pete Hendrickson (CtC) method.
What can America expect from the new Congress. One litnus test is whether they raise the debt ceiling.
A listener shares his story of getting utilities turned on without a Social Security Number.
Larry Elder attempts to convince you there’s proof of WMDs in Iraq without ever actually revealing it to you!


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  1. redthumb says:

    Wisdom is the highest expression and manifestation of reason, based on acquired observations of the absolute and true nature of action/reaction, cause and effect, derived from both experience and observation; absent, yet aware and taken to account, all of ones biases and prejudices for the purposes of determining appropriate courses of action or inaction in the ultimate pursuit and promotion of complete virtue.