Dave Champion Show – January 5, 2011

What has Thomas Sowell said about the government that determines its citizens’ income?
A maddening letter from a man whose life is being torn apart by the lying rapacious U.S. government.
61% of Americans believe that “the rich” should pay more taxes. The socialist sickness continues.
What are the moral, legal, and practical issues attendant to “taxing the rich”?
A listener believes that American’s of today are like the Israelites of Samson’s day.
Dave discusses why in America shows such as Rush and Savage are financially successful.
A listener asks, can an American remove himself from the Social Security system?
Dave will be at the SHOT Show – as a member of the media.
Conservative author Thomas Woods says he’s met Dave Champion Show fans on his travels!
More listener questions about how to – or if to – complete a Form W-9.
In a potentially deadly violent confrontation, when, if at all, do you issue a verbal warning?


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