Dave Champion Show – January 6, 2011

What was Jefferson’s view of altering a constitution? What did he do when faced with that need?
Americans keep saying the U.S. government must adhere to the Constitution? Any change yet?
High school students rushed into handy “killing pen” when campus shooting starts.
What should your student do if shooting breaks out on campus?
Iowa reduces its gun restrictions.
Why is it that Obama is now trying to make people believe he is a Christian?
Obama’s closest advisor leaves White House to start Obama’s re-election campaign!
Secret GOP code language for “We’re going to raise the debt ceiling.”
Why is GOP saying they want to dismantle Obamacare “piece by piece”? The answer isn’t pretty!
Are unions in NYC so powerful that only the U.S. government can punish sanitation workers for slowdown?
Orwell meets Twain; the word “nigger” being removed from the classic tale “Huckleberry Finn”.
PA police knowingly and willfully write unconstitutional citations for the use of “profanity”.


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