Dave Champion Show – March 14, 2011

How important is it to be able to choose wrongly or irresponsibly? 
How are the consequences in the America of 2011 for making an error in judgement? 
Nevada moving forward with bill to allow carrying of firearms on University campuses. 
A listener asks Dave his thoughts on state nullification. Dave shares his views. 
What are the corrupt motivations that lead some to reject state nullification? 
OK deals with Sharia law properly and constitutionally. 
Is a time coming when judges will need to be “disciplined” by bullets on the street? 
Mexican politicians don’t like ATF’s operation Fast & Furious any more than Americans do! 
Dave evaluates whether operation Fast & Furious had any chance of achieving it’s stated purpose. 
News story misleads readers about medical research on the brains of conservatives. Dave corrects it. 
35 year veteran psychiatrist says being a Leftist is a “mental disorder”. 


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