Dave Champion Show – March 15, 2011

Dave discusses George Washington’s quote about liberty growing rapidly. Does it really?
Should Americans be getting “prepared” and if so, for what exactly? What will “it” look like?
Is Japan’s crisis an example of what to prepare for?
If Japanese are being contaminated by radiation, why are some defending the containment design?
A listener asks if the “Disarming American Citizens Act” is real. Dave responds.
What counter-productive risks does America run from Congressman King’s “Muslim Extremist” hearings?
A listener asks if it is true the IRS will code a person’s file as a taxpayer or nontaxpayer. Dave tells you.
A listener takes Dave to task, saying the Right is as much a threat to liberty as the Left.
A listener asks Dave to repeat why “Better to fight them over there” is a nonsensical argument.


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