Dave Champion Show – March 16, 2011

Who did Roussseau say deceives us? And boy is it the truth!
New documentary coming out about the growing number of black conservatives!
Dave explores what events caused black Americans to give the Democrat Party almost 100% support.
Dave discusses a federal raid on Walter Reddy’s home and how totally legally insufficient the affidavit was.
What is the legal meaning of “a person of interest”? You’ll be surprised!
Dave discusses bullying in the schools, gives personal examples, and talks about how to reverse course.
Obama makes a half-hearted gun control pitch as part of his 2012 campaign, which is already in action.
Is the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) really a friend of the right to keep and bear arms?
Why supporters of the right to keep and bear arms should be never allow gun rights to be tied to mental health issues. 


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