Dave Champion Show – March 17, 2011

What did Einstein say was the “greatest enemy of truth”?
Research shows that advocates of smaller limited government are LESS racist that Leftists!
Dave highlights the anti-gun brainwashed bias of British reporters reporting on events in America.
California politicians are trying to legislate themselves into a special category so they can carry concealed weapons.
Would California’s legislation for concealed carry by politicians offend the “equal protection” of the 14th Amendment?
Dave discussed developments in his defense against U.S. DOJ’s attempt to silence the truth of the income tax.
An attorney criticizes parts of “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”. And he’s demonstrably wrong!
A listener asks if there is a list of companies who properly follow the law and do not withhold from American workers.
A listener asks what the consequence would be if the 14th Amendment were repealed. Dave tells you!


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