Dave Champion Show – April 8, 2011

What did JFK say it means when government is afraid of the people being exposed to different ideas?
How many documents do you think the U.S. government classified as “secret” (or higher) last year?
Did a Florida judge really say a case in his court should proceed under Sharia law?
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer once again publicly admits to being a traitor.
Even Leftists are now calling Obama to release his long-form birth certificate!
Dave shares some of the responses he received from listeners concerning his fight with DOJ.
When given a chance to live out their “principles” using their own money, what do Leftists do?
Dave discusses Rand Paul’s very cool legislation to address government shutdowns.
Can Americans really support an end to entitlement programs when 1 in 4 are on government healthcare?
One Congresswoman’s plan to reign in the U.N.


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