Dave Champion Show – April 11, 2011

What did John Quincy Adams say about voting your principles and why it
is important right now?
Dave explores the insane claims Leftists are making as the federal
budget gets cut.
Why is Obama losing the support of some black voters. Dave gives you
his take.
U.N. bombings in Libya: It’s not just a “no fly zone” any more.
Gates validates what Dave has told you all along. The U.S. isn’t
leaving Iraq!
U.N. bombings in Ivory Coast: More proof we already have One World
Dave tells you the reasoning behind one particularly bizarre hate-
filled message he received.
Why do Leftists continue to promote views that both history and
evidence have proven false time and again?
Rep Bob Robson believes AZ citizens are so unstable they will shoot
one another over bad grades in college!
Are all border searches “reasonable”. Dave tells you why the courts
are overreaching on that principle.


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