Dave Champion Show – April 13, 2011

What did Dresden James say about “a well-packed web of lies” and what does it mean for America?
If Americans could be shown that they’ve been turned into slaves, do they have the capacity any longer to care?
New book due out soon detailing the facts surrounding the lack of a credible birth certificate for Obama.
A Marine father forgives the Marines who ordered his son killed in a case of fratricide.
Alaska legislature passed law ending the insane “retreat doctrine” concerning self-defense!
What is (or will be) the Civilian Warfare Training Center?
More listener emails concerning the DOJ suit attempting to silence the Tax Honesty message.
A listener asks, “Can’t you just tell the IRS you didn’t mean to sign that form?” Dave responds.
A listener asks for a recommendation of a good general purpose field handgun.
Do Executive Orders give a President “limitless power” as Cornell Law School says. Dave so “NO!”


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