Dave Champion Show – April 14, 2011

What did Archibald MacLeish say is the true American dream?
Elmer Davis says we can never obtain the true American dream unless we possess this trait.
Two New Orleans police officers convicted of a beating death. This is only the beginning for NOPD.
What is the only belief system that can save America?
Dave gives you a perfect example of how the word “conservative” is misrepresented by the media!
Dave tells you more about the special course he will be hosting in the near future.
How Obama hides the records from the American people of who comes to speak with him at the White House.
AZ passes a law requiring Presidential candidates to prove they are natural born citizens!
A listener questions whether it is a lawsuit or railroading.
Dave gives you an example of a lawyer who dodges what the law says because he doesn’t like what it says.
A listener asks Dave to explain the reality of who is required to issue/receive a 1099 and who is not.


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