Dave Champion Show – April 19, 2011

Dave tells you how the Bill Carns Precision Rifle Course went.
What did Rosovsky say about trying to change beliefs with facts?
How do we factor in Rosovsky’s quote with Jefferson’s command to “inform the whole mass of the people”?
A fellow rifle class student drove 17 hours rather than flying because of TSA.
At what point might the government “suspend” the sale of firearms and ammunition? What should you do NOW?!
A listener reports that after a bank told him he had to give a TIN to open an account, they refused to say which law.
What is the consequence of the wealthy siding with the government and against The People?
A listener told a job recruiter the truth about TINs, and the income tax, and the recruiter was really interested!
A listener asks Dave why he thinks tax law uses so many bizarre definitions. Dave responds.
A listener asks, if a form doesn’t contain a definition for a word, can you simply declare it to be the dictionary definition?
A final follow up to a listener’s questions about sales tax; internet versus “brick and mortar”.


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2 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – April 19, 2011”

  1. jasonallen347 says:

    clarification: But the nevada stores would have to in Nevada if they were part the AZ company.

    Then i asked him if earning money to support himself was a Right or a privilege. he initially said privilege, until i asked him if the gov’t had the ability to tell him if he was allowed to support himself and his family. Then he got it.

  2. jasonallen347 says:

    Dave, just wanted to say that I used the Sales Tax issue to spread the word to a cashier at Dunkin Donuts yesterday. I just said to the guy, “Did you know that sales tax is only constitutionally appropriate when the corporation that is selling at retail is not incorporated in the State in which it is doing business? So if Dunkin Donuts was incorporated with Arizona State, it would not be required to charge the sales tax in AZ, but it would if its Nevada stores were part of the AZ company.” He asked about it and I was able to spread Tax Truth to him. I gave him radio show site, original intent site, book site and my contact info to call or email me with questions. hope he looks and listens.