Dave Champion Show – April 20, 2011

What did Thomas Jefferson say about the fruits of one’s industry?
What did John Adams say we must not allow our children to suffer from if American is to remain free?
Dave discusses the significance that April 19th – Patriot Day – holds for him.
Another example of someone saying he is a Conservative when he has no idea what it means!
Dave reviews Gov Jan Brewer’s veto of AZ’s “constitutional eligibility” bill. And Dave agrees with Brewer.
Dave discusses who will ultimately decide the fate of these “constitutional eligibility” bills.
Dave says “NO!” to Donald Trump.
If the EU places 1,000 ground troops in Libya, how long will it be until it is 10,000 – or 100,000?
Dave shares his response to a listener who suggests Dave is “highly critical” of the Mormon Church.
More NJ police departments take deep personnel cuts, yet the legislature won’t change NJ’s draconian anti-gun laws.
Secret memos prove U.S. was dividing up Iraq oil production among allies long before the invasion took place.
UT President, Joe Dipietro, shows the world he is a blithering idiot.
UT Student President, Ross Rowland, shows the world that he is still a child and not a grown up.
Constitutional law professor supports the carrying of firearms on UT campuses.


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