Dave Champion Show – April 21, 2011

Who said that a “patriot” is one whose interest in a part seems superior to the whole? Is he right?
Janet Napolitano launches a new “regional” threat alert system.
Dave explains why the new threat alert system is designed to increase Americans spying on one another.
Do Americans know what to look for regarding terror attacks. Dave suggests a simple game you can use to find out!
Dave lays out a better terror response tactic than encouraging Americans to spy on their fellow citizens.
Are headlines about Greece today, tomorrow’s headlines about America? Dave says yes. Hear why!
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Florida Sheriff Jim Coates testifies that his deputies intend to violate the rights of Floridians if “open carry” passes!
Atlanta police officer Grady Goggins violates man’s rights and arrests him for walking down a public stairwell!


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