Dave Champion Show – April 22, 2011

What did Robert Winthrop say about being governed from within or without? Where are we today?
Deadline approaching: Have you gotten your Champion Molon Labe.
Are all firearms adages true at all times?
When it comes to firearms and tactics training watch out for “internet posers” such as “nutnfancy”.
Estonia has a better credit rating than the United States!
Listeners push Dave up to 3rd place for the Adam Kokesh show. Keep it going!
Former New Mexico governor throws his hat in the GOP presidential ring.
Michele Bachmann starts taking her marching orders from the RNC and spit in the Tea Party’s face.
Why do Republicans shy away from the “constitutional eligibility” question?
Dave explains why the “constitutional eligibility” question is so important at this moment.
About Greenpeace: Must be nice to sit on your butt and point fingers at people who are successful.
Dave tells you how he would resolve America’s “criminal illegal alien” problem!


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