Dave Champion Show – April 25, 2011

Dave discusses Madison’s views on rights, property, and “auxiliary precautions” against “excess government power”.
Atlas Shrugged is a box office success. Hollywood insiders (mostly Leftists) are stunned!
The truth behind Earth Day and what it’s really promoting.
U.N. can’t settle on a definition of “terrorism”. What might happen to U.S. citizens if it does?
A listener questions the wisdom of Dave’s support for nuclear power. Dave responds.
A listener asks if the top politicians in DC know the whole ugly truth about the U.S. debt crisis.
Is there a way “We The People” can stop the national economic suicide being pursued by DC politicians?
How states can pass laws against firearms and the carrying thereof if we have the right to keep and bear arms.
Listener asks Dave to comment on a number of old school “Patriot Movement Myths”.


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